Hope Recovery

The concept of recovery and recovery-oriented systems of care in behavioral healthcare is helping with the positive expectation that people can recover from mental health and/or substance misuse disorders and can manage their conditions successfully. 


At the Hope Recovery Centers our approach is to offer support for people to choose recovery as an achievable way out of substance use and mental health challenges.


Our Certified Peer Recovery Specialist direct services, community activities and outreach, will help support people with sustained recovery management by building personal recovery capital. 

We have two locations to serve Rhode Island: Hope Recovery Center of Newport County and of Washington County.


On Aquidneck Island? Call 401-324-5861 Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Near South County? Call 401-598-6400 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

What We Do

Recovery is Possible

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Peer Support

Peer Specialists are available to have those meaningful conversations, wellness recovery planning, mutual aid meetings, and referrals that can lead to healing human connection.

Warm Transfer

Hope Peer Recovery Specialists are available for transfers between our network of providers to support the recovery continuum of care.

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Community Involvement/Outreach

Join HOPE in participation with community partners in all recovery efforts. HOPE peers will regularly conduct community and street outreach to special populations in need

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Recovery Support

Continuous positive contact, motivation, and encouragement from a peer can make the difference in a person’s recovery experience.